‘Little House’ actress relied on her faith after brain tumor was found

“Little House on the Prairie” was one of the most successful shows on TV in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

One of the child stars of the show, Wendi Lou Lee, recently shared details with Fox News about her ordeal with a brain tumor in 2015. Lee says that she relied heavily on her faith to get her through it, and recently published a “Little House”-inspired spiritual book titled “A Praire Devotional.”

The Child Star

Lee had not even started school when she landed the role of a lifetime. At that time, however, she was still Wendi Lou Turnbaugh.

She and her twin sister, Brenda, were cast in the role of Baby Grace Ingalls on “Little House on the Prairie.”

While her time on “Little House” could easily have been parlayed into a long career, “Little House” was about the only time Lee would spend in front of the cameras (including “Little House Years” in 1979).

After leaving “Little House,” the twins did one commercial, and that was the end of their Hollywood career. From that point on, both sisters would go on to lead a fairly normal life, until 2015.

Brain Tumor Diagnosis

After graduating from Hope International University in 1999, Wendi married Josh Lee. The two would go on to have two children together and remained married to this day.

Their life took a terrifying turn in 2015, however, when Wendi started experiencing horrific headaches. About six weeks after the headaches started to happen, her doctors ordered a brain scan, which is when they found the brain tumor.

Luckily, the tumor was operable and doctors quickly scheduled an operation to remove it. Heading into the surgery, Wendi said she relied heavily on God to make it through the experience. From the moment she woke up from her surgery, Lee said, she just knew everything had worked out and would be okay.

While some patients have memory loss or mood swings, Lee said she experienced none of those. She stated that she remembered the names of her children and some of her senses were heightened immediately after the operation.

Lee stated, “Faith played a huge role. Before my surgery, I was so hopeless. I kept praying to him and saying, ‘I need you, please be with me.’ And then after surgery, I just felt such gratefulness… I just felt like my faith woke up and I had this sense of boldness to share my story in hopes it could help someone.”

While Lee has left acting behind, she continues to attend “Little House” events, enjoys getting together with her old castmates, and trying to keep the legacy of the show alive, something she believes to be very important.

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