Listed: 12 states where taxes are going DOWN!

 January 6, 2024


This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A commentary at has identified 12 states where residents will see tax relief in 2024.

The column reports that there are 11 states where state taxes are being reduced: Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio and South Carolina.

One more, New Hampshire, will phase out taxes on interest and dividend income, reducing the tax for some residents.

The commentary explained the majority of the states, as cited by the Tax Foundation, are led by Republicans.

It explained, however, that even those states don't deserve to be praised – much.

"These actions are not 'putting more money into many Americans' pockets.' That's utterly wrong. What will be happening now is that Americans will retain more of what was theirs to begin with — their money, the fruits of their labor. These states will be, in effect, confiscating less of their residents' incomes."

The writer continued, "And confiscation, yes, is precisely what is happening here. Taxes are not voluntary. If anyone tries to tell you they are, suggest they stop paying taxes for a while, and see how long it takes agents of the government to send men with guns out looking for you (unless your last name happens to be Biden.) Taxes are collected and tax laws are enforced with the implied power and force of the government backing them up."

Nor is it a "gift" from government.

"If a burglar breaks into your house, takes your TV, but leaves your laptop on the coffee table, he's not 'gifting' you the laptop. He just didn't steal as much from you as he might have," the commentary charged.

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