List of mysterious deaths tied to Bill Clinton recirculates following Jeffrey Epstein’s apparent suicide

It was reported on Saturday that disgraced financier and previously convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was in prison awaiting trial on new sex trafficking charges, had been found unresponsive in his New York jail cell. The 66-year-old was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

From there, it didn’t take long for conspiracy theorists to start making connections between the multimillionaire and Bill Clinton — and they even recirculated a list of mysterious deaths that some allege can be tied to the former president.


For a brief time after news broke of Epstein’s apparent suicide, the hashtag #ClintonBodyCount began to trend on Twitter as social media users repeatedly referenced the long-running rumors surrounding dozens of mysterious deaths that have occurred over the years involving various individuals said to have possessed incriminating information about Bill and Hillary Clinton.

But it wasn’t just social media posts. For several years now, a list of people associated with the Clintons who have died under mysterious circumstances has been circulating the internet.

Incredibly, that “Clinton Dead Pool” list was actually first published during the 2016 election season by a CBS affiliate in Las Vegas.

Mysterious deaths

The list, which at that time contained 47 names, appeared to document the many Clinton associates who had mysteriously died after becoming aware of or involved in some of the shady scandals that have dogged the former first family throughout their rise to power from Arkansas to the White House and beyond.

At least 11 of the names on the list were law enforcement or security officers who served as bodyguards for Clinton who ended up dead. Six more names were men and women who had been involved — or became aware of — Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades throughout the late 1970s, ’80s, and ’90s.

Other names included certain individuals who had partnered with Clinton in various schemes — such as the Whitewater investment scandal — or who had been investigating those schemes. Still other names on the list were Clinton administration officials who seemingly ended up on the wrong side of the boss and his wife.

Then there were the several deaths linked to a conspiracy theory about Clinton’s involvement in an alleged drug-running operation out of the Mena, Arkansas airport. Roughly 13 mysterious deaths have been linked to the alleged Mena operation, including those of several investigators and even two young boys alleged to have accidentally witnessed the operation first-hand.

A growing list?

Several of the deaths on the list came by way of unexplained plane and car crashes, but many were ruled suicides.

The list published by CBS came out in 2016, so it didn’t mention other mysterious deaths linked to the Clintons that have occurred in the past couple of years since then — but it looks like Epstein’s name may be making an appearance soon. And while there’s no concrete evidence that Clinton was involved in any of the deaths, the ever-growing list may at least warrant a formal investigation.

It’s time we found out the truth.

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