Investigation underway into link between COVID vaccine and menstrual changes: Report

Even as politicians of all ideological stripes continue to encourage Americans to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, millions of citizens remain wary of the potential side effects.

Those concerns are likely to intensify in the wake of news that an investigation has been launched into why and how the vaccines have apparently impacted the menstrual cycles of a large number of women. 

Possible cause for concern

According to Business Insider, the probe comes after tens of thousands of women in the United Kingdom reported a change in their cycles upon receiving their shots.

In the U.K., a system is in place that allows citizens to voluntarily report side effects they experience after taking any medication.

Thus far, more than 30,000 women have used the platform to record changes in menstruation associated with the COVID-19 vaccine.

Despite the troubling trend, however, medical experts seem to agree that there is no reason for people to be worried.

Health professionals are fully aware of the issue and acknowledge that it is a somewhat common side effect of the vaccines currently available.

International studies commence

One doctor cited by Business Insider indicated that any changes are short-lived and the phenomenon is not a serious one. Furthermore, research signals that the vaccines do not have an impact on pregnancies or fertility.

It is worth noting, however, that the extensive clinical trials conducted before vaccines were widely available did not focus on their impact on menstrual cycles. The issue is only now being studied after millions of women have already received their inoculations.

For its part, the National Institute of Health has earmarked $1.67 million for the study of this issue in the United States.

Given the widespread skepticism associated with COVID-19 vaccines, however, plenty of Americans are sure to remain unconvinced that the impact on menstrual cycles is truly as benign as experts suggest.

In the end, this is just one more reason for people who are already worried about the vaccines to fret even further. As a number of GOP politicians and conservative pundits have argued for months, it should be the right of individuals to determine what they put in their bodies — especially when the possible effects have not yet been comprehensively studied.

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