Lindsey Graham’s resolution to condemn impeachment fails to secure full GOP support

Is Donald Trump losing support in the Republican-controlled Senate? That is the narrative The Atlantic’s David Graham is trying to push.

After Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) introduced a resolution meant to support Trump, only 44 of the 53 Republicans in the Senate cast their unofficial vote to throw their support behind the president, something The Atlantic‘s Graham says is a sign of trouble for Trump in the Senate.

The Resolution

Initially, the resolution was supposed to condemn the impeachment. Senator Graham eventually changed it to demand more transparency during the impeachment. As of Friday morning, the resolution only had the support of roughly 80 percent of Republican senators.

Now, we know Trump does not have the full support of all Republicans, as several members of the Senate have already stated they are open to an impeachment inquiry.

Additionally, several members of the Senate have been anti-Trumpers from Day 1, so the “lack of support” is not necessarily the issue the author is making it out to be.

Furthermore, with the resolution being issued on Thursday, it is likely that several Senators had already left D.C. for the weekend.

Trump Upset with Lack of Support

While all of this has been going on, President Trump and Trump Jr. have been railing that the party is simply not doing enough to support Trump during this presidency.

Senator Graham has been pressured to hold his own hearings to counter the Democrat impeachment, but Graham has been adamant that would be nothing more than a show and a complete waste of time.

Trump is depending on a strong front in the Senate to dissuade House Democrats from putting the impeachment vote on the floor. If, however, Democrats see weakness in the Senate, they may take the chance and go for impeachment before the 2020 election.

If they go that route, even if they fail to get the impeachment through the Senate, they will have votes on the record to call out Republicans supporting Trump in races where the seat is up for grabs.

Some pundits believe the impeachment of Trump could be sacrificed to oust these Republican senators from office so Dems can turn the Senate blue even if Trump ends up winning re-election.

That way, Democrats can still block every move Trump tries to make simply because they will control the legislative branch over Republicans.

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