Lindsey Graham: Trump could have ‘one of great comebacks in American history’

President Trump could make a comeback of historic proportions and then accomplish “big things” in a second term in the Oval Office.

That’s from Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who was interviewed on CNBC over the weekend.

He explained that Trump has a “pretty good chance” of winning the 2024 presidential election.

Trump has hinted repeatedly at a bid for the 2024 election but has not made those plans official yet. But he does remain the leader among potential GOP candidates for that office.

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The Washington Examiner reported Graham said headwinds that Trump may – or may not – face stem from his personality – not his accomplishments.

If fact, commentators have been on record saying they’d welcome back the “mean tweets” by President Trump if the stable economy, low inflation, secure border, and more come along.

Joe Biden, while in the White House, has created a crisis at the southern border where millions of illegal aliens are breaching the border, has led economic policies that have created inflation nearing double digits, and watched as gasoline prices soared to nearly $6 a gallon even though they’ve moderated in recent weeks, pushed for a federal takeover of all elections, and more. And he’s repeatedly lashed out angrily at Republicans and conservatives, described them as a threat to the nation.

Graham suggested Trump might remind people:

“Remember me? I may not be your cup of tea, but when I was president, our border was secure. We had the lowest illegal crossings in 40 years. I did it. When I was president, I stood up to China, and they listened. When I was president, we had the strongest military since Ronald Reagan. When I was president, I destroyed the caliphate. When I was president, we had conservative judges, not liberal judges,” Graham said. “He has a story to tell.”

He said the 2024 election could see Trump make “one of the greatest comebacks in American history.”

And, Graham said, “If you get for more years, you can do big stuff.”

“His policies have stood the test of time. But has he worn the American people out in terms of his personality? Time will tell,” Graham said.

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