Lindsey Graham on FBI’s Trump-Russia probe: ‘There’s a day of reckoning coming, just stay tuned’

The last few weeks have seen several blockbuster reports about the counterintelligence probes against candidate and then President Donald Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), who is leading a Senate Judiciary review of the FBI’s actions, promised Sunday that a “reckoning” is coming for those involved, and hinted that more “damning” evidence will be released soon.

Graham promises a reckoning

For three years, we have all been hearing that someone is going to pay for what the FBI did to Trump and members of his team, particularly Carter Page and Michael Flynn.

Sen. Graham will have his chance to put several high-ranking FBI officials from that investigation on the hot seat this week during Senate committee hearings. Former FBI director James Comey, who led the investigation, is expected to testify on Wednesday, and former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe will testify on October 6.

In an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Graham said, “I’m going to ask James Comey, did you know that the man who put the dossier together for Christopher Steele was a suspected Russian spy on the payroll of the Democratic Party. If you knew that, why didn’t you tell the court?”

“There’s a day of reckoning coming, just stay tuned,” Graham said. “And there’s more coming, there’s something else coming, more damning than this, believe it or not.”

Watch the full segment below:

Reports expose shocking details

In the span of about two weeks, reports have revealed that an anti-Trump bias was present within the rank and file of the agency, with one agent openly admitting in an interview that he felt there was a “get Trump” attitude within the investigations.

More declassified documents revealed that Christopher Steele’s now-discredited Trump-Russia dossier, which was used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign aide Carter Page, was based on information from a man who had been suspected of being a Russian agent since 2009 — a fact which was not disclosed to the FISC.

“That is, a suspected Russian spy was used by our government to frame an American as a suspected Russian spy,” National Review’s Andrew McCarthy concluded in a detailed analysis of the latest documents.

The Justice Department also recently released shocking text messages between agents who appeared to know they would get into trouble if anyone looked really hard at the investigation. “We all went and purchased professional liability insurance,” one agent wrote as Trump’s inauguration neared.

Well, people are starting to look.

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