Report: Sen. Lindsey Graham is ‘hell-bent’ on filling upcoming Supreme Court vacancies with conservatives

Media speculation about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg retiring is really starting to take on a life of its own.

That very topic came up during an interview between Fox’s Chris Wallace and Sen. Lindsey Graham on Sunday, wherein the South Carolina Republican said that in his new role as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he is “hell-bent” on earning more Supreme Court seats for conservative jurists.

Coming Back to Haunt Them

In anticipation of Hillary Clinton winning the 2016 presidential election, Senate Democrats, according to Lindsey, decided to change the rules.

They made it so a simple majority of just 50 votes was needed to confirm a nominated justice instead of the full 60 that is usually required.

But President Donald Trump threw a wrench into all of that when he won.

“They changed the rules to accommodate President Obama, they tried to stack the court, then never thought [Hillary Clinton] would lose,” Graham said. “This has come back to bite them, I predicted it would, and we’ll see.”

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Qualified Conservative

While Graham was clear he wishes no ill will towards Ginsburg, he also wants another conservative on the court.

Graham stated that he hopes the 85-year-old justice recovers and serves for many more years, but if she does retire, “I will urge the president to nominate a qualified conservative,” he said.

The South Carolina senator expects there to be pushback to this, and even admitted that he anticipates a vote along party lines.

Wallace hinted that this could create a true circus in the media and will make what happened during now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings look like a “tea party.”

But “elections have consequences,” Graham said. “The rules of the Senate were changed — not by me, by them — and we had to do it on the Supreme Court because they would not give us any votes to nominate anybody. And Kavanaugh was a fine man, they tried to destroy him. All this is going to come back to haunt them one day.”

Perhaps that day will soon be upon us.

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