Lindsey Graham responds to rumors he will be the next Attorney General

The moment UN Ambassador Nikki Haley resigned, the rumors started to fly.

One rumor was that Haley would take Sen. Lindsey Graham’s seat in the Senate, so Graham could replace Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

But Graham put that rumor to rest with two simple words: “That’s crazy!”

Runaway Rumors

We all know once a rumor gets started in the political world, it takes on a life of its own.

Haley’s resignation caught everyone by surprise.

However, it also fired up the rumor mill in D.C. and it quickly got out of control.

One of the more popular theories was Haley was going to run for a Senate seat.

If she did run, it was then believed Graham would be escalated within the Trump administration, possibly as the Attorney General.

The only problem is both parties involved in the rumor have completely dismissed this theory.

Taking a Break

Haley was more than adamant that she just needs a break.

She also stated that after dedicating herself to her job as the UN Ambassador, she wants to spend some time with her family and make up for the time she missed during her assignment.

Haley also stated she has no intentions of running for president in 2020, just to quash those rumors.

The Future

As for Graham, he says he intends on running for re-election to the Senate, as he believes he best serves the people of South Carolina in his current capacity.

Haley, however, is a complete mystery.

While she is taking a break for now, it is unlikely she will stay on the sidelines for long.

There are more than a few people in the Republican party that want to see her in the White House in the very near future.

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In all likelihood, this is Haley’s break before the 2020 election season begins.

While she may not be running for president, don’t be surprised if her name is thrown around as a VP candidate or other significant role within the administration to set her up for a presidential run in 2024.

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