Graham: FBI applied ‘clear double standard’ to Trump, Clinton, documents show

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) just dropped a bombshell.

On Sunday, Graham revealed that the Department of Justice and the FBI employed a “clear double standard” when dealing with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s campaigns in 2016.

Graham is leading a Senate investigation into the FBI’s Trump-Russia probe, and obtained recently declassified FBI documents revealing that the FBI informed the Clinton campaign of an operative they believed was working for a foreign government. FBI leadership alerted Clinton about “the problem so she could fix it,” he said.

However, they did not afford then-candidate Donald Trump the same luxury when they got a FISA warrant to surveil Trump’s campaign. Instead of alerting Trump’s campaign of the problem as they did for Clinton, the FBI began a controversial operation that would bog down the president for the better part of his first term in office.

Clear double standard

In a statement issued on Sunday, Graham said, “The FBI did the right thing by briefing Clinton and failed to do the right thing by never specifically briefing President Trump about their concerns. Rather than giving the Trump campaign the same treatment the next year, the bureau launched the ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ operation, a counterintelligence investigation into alleged ties between Trump associates and Russian officials and whether they worked wittingly or unwittingly, with the Russian government’s efforts to interfere in the 2016 U.S. presidential election.”

At no point did the FBI attempt to reach out to the Trump campaign to correct the issue as they had with Clinton. Graham continued saying, “As a matter of fact, not only did they not tell Trump, they used a generic briefing to spy on Trump.”

Clearly someone in leadership at the FBI — then-Director James Comey comes to mind — wanted to damage Donald Trump’s campaign, and had found the opportunity to do so. Crossfire Hurricane was created by a politicized FBI eager to take down Trump.

The consequences of the FBI’s decision to play politics in 2016 have been crushing. Four years later we are still uncovering bits and pieces of the truth.

What is becoming crystal clear is that every warning that President Trump gave about the deep state trying to undermine him was true.

The FBI actively interfered in the political process and chose sides. No American can trust the FBI or any of our nation’s higher branches of law enforcement.

Time for change

With this latest revelation, many Americans are wondering when real consequences will be handed out.

Senator Graham said, “Given all the stunning revelations of FBI bias compiled by Inspector General Horowitz and others, it is clear to me why there was double standard — the FBI was not trying to protect the Trump campaign, they were trying to infiltrate the campaign and undermine his presidency.”

Comey recently asserted that he was not worried about the investigations into the origins of Crossfire Hurricane. He may be changing his tune after the most recent declassifications.

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