Lindell claims Trump will be reinstated as president by year’s end

Most political pundits have given up on the idea that former President Donald Trump will be reinstated to the position before the 2024 election.

MyPillow CEO and vocal Trump supporter Mike Lindell, however, is clearly not in that group.

“Trump will be our real president”

According to the Washington Times, Lindell revealed in a recent interview that he believes Trump will once again be in the White House at some point this year.

He claimed that once election audits similar to the one playing out in Maricopa County, Arizona, are complete, the results of November’s presidential race will be overturned.

A number of lawyers attempted to challenge the outcome of the election based on a variety of arguments but almost universally came up short in court.

In a number of battleground states, multiple audits and recounts ensued, though they have also thus far failed to turn the tide in the former president’s favor. That has not stopped Lindell from sounding an optimistic tone about the future.

“Six months from now, Trump will be our real president and our country will be heading toward its greatest rebirth in history,” he said, asserting that Trump actually defeated President Joe Biden by a margin of “80 million to 68 million.”

Lindell claims he has proof

Lindell signaled his belief that the true results will be made known soon after the conclusion of ongoing audit attempts. Although there have been a handful of proposed recounts, there are not any concrete plans for additional state-level audits.

Earlier this year, Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Lindell based on his claims that its election machines helped perpetrate voter fraud that ushered in Biden’s victory. In response, Lindell countersued the company for $1.6 billion.

The businessman has insisted on multiple occasions that he has obtained proof that the 2020 election was rigged, though he has yet to produce that evidence — at least not enough to convince officials.

Nevertheless, Lindell has released a series of videos in which he expresses confidence that the U.S. Supreme Court will unanimously rule in favor of reinstating Trump as the rightful president. Critics note that there is no procedure for such an extraordinary maneuver in the Constitution.

Lindell has taken a hit to his reputation for his continued insistence that the election was rigged, even being turned away from a recent Republican Governors Association event. In any case, he remains passionate in his attempt to prove that Trump should have won — and many Americans disappointed by the Biden administration are sure to agree with him on that point.

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