Lincoln Project’s self-destruction continues amid sex scandal, infighting and resignation of a co-founder

In 2020, the NeverTrump movement largely coalesced around the Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans who cast aside any sort of ideological principles in order to help Joe Biden and Democrats defeat Donald Trump and the GOP.

It was recently revealed that a prominent co-founder of the group had been sending inappropriate sexual messages to young men, a revelation that prompted another co-founder to abruptly resign, the Washington Examiner reported.

It has also left the remaining members of the Lincoln Project to scramble in a desperate bid to avoid being tarnished by the despicable actions that it increasingly appears they were aware of never addressed.

“Terminated my relationship”

According to The New York Times, the Lincoln Project’s only original female co-founder, Jennifer Horn, formerly chair of the New Hampshire GOP, announced her resignation from the group this week in response to the revelations about the co-founder John Weaver’s history of sexually harassing young men.

“Upon careful consideration, I have terminated my relationship with the Lincoln Project, effective immediately,” Horn said in a statement. “John Weaver’s grotesque and inappropriate behavior, coupled with his longstanding deceptions concerning that behavior, are sickening.”

“It is clear at this point that my views about how the Lincoln Project’s efforts are managed, and the best way to move the Lincoln Project forward into the future in the wake of these awful events, have diverged,” she continued.

Horn helped found the anti-Trump group alongside Weaver, former Republican campaign consultant Rick Wilson, former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, and Republican attorney George Conway.

In announcing her resignation from the Lincoln Project, Horn also made it clear that, despite Trump having been defeated thanks in part to the group’s concerted efforts, she remained “fully committed to fighting Trumpism going forward.”

Horn smeared

Interestingly, however, the Lincoln Project decided to smear Horn on her way out. The group released a statement that was clearly intended to make it seem like her exit was related to Horn’s alleged demands for more money from the group that raised millions of dollars from leftists who supported the organization’s goals.

In a statement issued Thursday, the Lincoln Project accused Horn of demanding an unreasonable $250,000 “signing bonus” and a $40,000 per month consultancy fee, in addition to supposed demands she had made in December that included a seat on the group’s board, a TV show, a podcast, and staffers to help manage it.

“These demands were unanimously rejected by the management committee and board,” the group said in the statement. “We immediately accepted Jennifer Horn’s resignation from the Lincoln Project. We wish her the best in her future endeavors.”

It appears that the hypocritical mess that is the Lincoln Project will continue to self-destruct before everyone’s eyes.

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