Rush Limbaugh: Trump will veto all spending bills that lack $5B funding for border wall

Rush Limbaugh said that President Donald Trump told him he will fight for the wall.

The conservative radio host said that Trump planned to veto any spending bill that does not include $5 billion for his signature campaign promise.

The revelation came the same day that Trump abruptly reversed course for the second time this week to publicly threaten a “very long shutdown” as he began a last-ditch push for wall funding before the Democrats take over the House in January.

Limbaugh says Trump will fight for wall

“The president got word to me 20 minutes ago that if it comes back to him without money, if whatever happens in the House and Senate comes back to him with no allocation of $5 billion for the wall, then he’s going to veto it,” Limbaugh said on his radio show Thursday.

The conservative legend pleaded with Trump this week to follow through on threats he made to shut down the government in order to fund the wall.

“Veto this thing and then head down to Mar-a-Lago,” Limbaugh said. “I will meet you on the first tee wherever you want to play golf, whenever, and this will end up being resolved in your favor.”

Limbaugh made the comments as Trump and House Republicans were meeting to discuss wall funding Thursday.

Trump and Limbaugh are friends, and the conservative radio legend attended a Trump campaign rally in Missouri this fall. Limbaugh also came to the White House Christmas party. Trump called in to his show in August to congratulate Limbaugh on 30 years of legendary work in radio and told him at the time that a shutdown would be a “great political thing.”

“I happen to think it’s a great political thing because people want border security,” Trump said. “It’s not just the wall, Rush, as you know. It’s border security.”

Trump will shutdown gov’t

Outgoing Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) announced Thursday that Trump planned to veto a Senate stop-gap spending bill approved Wednesday to keep funding the government until February because it did not include money for the wall, all but guaranteeing that there would be a shutdown this weekend.

It was a stunning reversal that comes more than a week after Trump initially threatened a shutdown to force the Democrats to give him wall funding in a combative exchange in the Oval Office, where he said he’d be proud to take on the blame. Democrats were too happy to oblige, and blustered that Trump didn’t have the votes in either chamber for his $5 billion in wall money.

But then early this week, supporters of the president, including Ann Coulter, began to pressure Trump after he seemed to cave on the wall. His press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said Tuesday that Trump did not want a shutdown and was looking at alternatives to funding the wall with a spending bill, like re-programming funding from federal agencies.

By Thursday, Republicans were still scrambling to find a solution as Trump again threatened to shutdown the government by vetoing the Senate’s continuing resolution. Then, hours later, reports came that House Republicans had voted to approve a spending bill with full funding for the wall.

With the House’s approval, Trump bounced the blame for the shutdown onto the Democrats Friday and began a furious push to jam the wall funding through the Senate, demanding that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) invoke the “nuclear option” to lower the threshold of votes needed to approve the bill. McConnell refused but the House bill went on to the Senate for a vote.

News of the House funding had Limbaugh praising Trump for forcing a “Schumer shutdown” Friday.

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