Rush Limbaugh calls for Trump to ‘shut it down’ – starting with the DOJ

With yet another spending bill coming down to the last minute in Congress, a potential government shutdown looming over funding for a border wall, and an incoming Democratic majority in the House, things aren’t looking particularly good for President Donald Trump at the moment — but conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh says there is a solution.

During his program on Monday, Limbaugh expressed his support for a government shutdown — and suggested that Trump should start the process by shutting down what some say is an increasingly rogue Department of Justice (DOJ).

Investigate every single breath

On his Monday program, Limbaugh first played audio clips from the BBC of a British host and TIME magazine correspondent trashing Trump and his supporters.

They openly wondered how much longer Trump’s supporters would remain loyal while the president continues to be enveloped by allegations and investigation after investigation.

Limbaugh said in response: “The next line is [going to] be, ‘Even if he didn’t do any of it, this has never happened before!’ Every aspect of the man’s life, every inhale and exhale of breath, is being investigated.

“‘We can’t go on this way. There has to be something there! Nobody is ever been investigated to this extent, and it doesn’t just happen,” Limbaugh continued. “So they’re gonna say that even if there is no evidence about anything, the simple fact that there are so many investigations means it can’t go on like this, and that it shouldn’t. It’s called flooding the zone.”

Focus on the agenda

Shifting gears, Limbaugh then turned his focus on Monday to the government spending bill battle and a potential shutdown.

The conservative firebrand surmised that Trump may cave on his demand for a border wall as way to make an example out of how uncooperative Democrats are — and how they refused to negotiate over a mere $5 billion for border security — particularly in light of the fact that they’d approved much more expensive border security appropriations in the past.

Limbaugh then suggested that Trump may have developed the mindset — whether it is accurate or not — that he would be a one-term president, so he may feel he needs to push to get as much of his agenda done as he can over the next two years without having to worry about his re-election bid.

“Forget re-election, forget thinking about positioning for reelection, forget about donations, forget about all the things that accompany a presidential run and focus on the agenda and get it done as though you’re one term,” Limbaugh said. “Meaning, ‘I’m not gonna worry about election. I’m not gonna worry about showing the Democrats this or that. I’m just gonna get this stuff done, and if kills my reelection effort, then so be it. But I’m gonna get it done.'”

Shut it all down

Limbaugh then offered some words of advice for the commander in chief.

“I will tell you, I told Rudy this last night. Shut down this whole DOJ!” Limbaugh said. “Shut it down. Just use the power of the executive branch to shut this down! What’s going on here is an outrage! All of this is happening on the biggest phony premise that the Steele dossier was legit! It isn’t!”

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Indeed, virtually all of the current investigations and potential investigations of Trump are based on allegations from the still unverified and largely debunked “dossier” compiled by ex-British intelligence agent Christopher Steele on behalf of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Trump should shut down the government to get his requested funding for the border wall, and if the DOJ continues to work at odds with him and foment and support the investigations against him, perhaps he ought to go ahead and shut them down too — if only so the department can be cleared out and restaffed, restructured into a less politicized federal law enforcement organization.

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