David Limbaugh to Trump: Quit playing on Nancy Pelosi’s terms

More and more high-profile conservatives are coming out to back President Donald Trump during his open battle with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This includes David Limbaugh, Rush Limbaugh’s younger brother and a noted political commentator of his own merit, who wants Trump to stop pandering to Pelosi and to make his State of the Union address on his own terms.

Don’t Buckle

The public pressure over the government shutdown is clearly starting to weigh on President Trump.

While he is adamant that the shutdown will go on as long as necessary, he also has compassion for those Americans who are not getting paid while this is happening.

That empathy is no doubt what caused him to come to the table with a bag of goodies for Democrats on Saturday.

Trump offered up protection for DACA recipients.

He also offered up no concrete wall, but metal barricades and fencing instead.

He even offered up humanitarian aid and better technology.

In essence, he offered up just about everything Democrats wanted — and they laughed in his face.

Democrats are clearly not interested in securing the southern border, so, to Limbaugh’s point, why keep pandering to them?

It’s About Posturing

As Limbaugh stated in his column, this issue is no longer about people or security or really anything of importance.

This is about Democrat posturing. They are trying to prove they can bring Donald Trump and Republicans to heel.

But if the Democrats want to posture, let them.

In fact, use the opportunity to flip the script on them, Limbaugh wrote to Trump: Give the State of the Union, but do it on your terms.

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Mr. President, you do not need a congressional audience to give this speech.

Give it in the Oval Office.

Better yet, hold a rally and give the State of the Union to the people you actually represent.

But, above all, do not allow Democrats to dictate what you do. They don’t deserve that kind of power.

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