Rush Limbaugh says Trump can host his radio show ‘anytime’

Earlier this week, rumors began circulating that President Donald Trump wanted to host a call-in radio show from the White House on coronavirus issues, but he reportedly nixed the idea because it would clash with Rush Limbaugh’s radio show.

But when Limbaugh heard the news, he offered to turn his show over to Trump “anytime” he wanted, the Daily Caller reports.

Handing over the torch

Rush Limbaugh has arguably been the most influential conservative voice on the airwaves for decades.

The man has notable influence in the Republican Party, and among his listeners as well, as being a devout conservative who will go to bat at any time and against anyone threatening our nation.

President Trump and Limbaugh have reportedly had a friendship for years and during this year’s State of the Union, Trump honored Limbaugh by awarding him the Medal of Freedom, the highest honor available to a citizen of the United States.

Limbaugh was so humbled by the president deferring to him, he offered on Wednesday to turn over the microphone anytime the president wanted to sit in.

Direct to the citizens

The idea behind the White House radio show idea was to allow Trump to talk directly to the people of this country to calm their fears about the coronavirus.

As stated above, however, Trump was hesitant because he did not want to hurt Limbaugh’s ratings. Limbaugh saw this as an opportunity, and openly welcomed the idea of the president taking over his show.

“If he wants to host it himself, he can do it. If he wants to do it for two hours — that’s what he said,” Limbaugh remarked, according to the Daily Caller.

He went on: “If he wants to talk to you for two hours, he’s welcome to come here and do it anytime. At the same time, we could combine it with an audition. We could look at it as an audition as well.”

Limbaugh, as most people know, is currently battling cancer. While all seems to be going well, that could change in a heartbeat, leaving the iconic show without a host. “I think there’d be nobody better to fill my shoes than Donald Trump. I’ve often said nobody could, but if anybody could, it would be him,” Limbaugh said Wednesday.

Trump would not be able to do that while still in office, but who knows? Once Trump leaves office, Limbaugh may hand over the reins and allow Trump to be the new conservative voice to call out the Democrat establishment.

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