Limbaugh brings down the house at Missouri Trump rally: ‘Hillary Clinton rigged that election’

On the eve of Election Day, President Donald Trump chose Cape Girardeau, Missouri, for his campaign rally. The “Show Me State” promises to be the scene of several contentious House races on Tuesday as Democrats seek to win back a Congressional majority and put a stop to Trump’s pro-growth agenda.

Introducing the president was “America’s Anchorman,” none other than conservative heavyweight and A.M. radio pioneer Rush Limbaugh. To roars of applause from his home-town audience, Limbaugh blasted the Democrats’ fixation on the “made-up” Russian collusion narrative, saying, “Hillary rigged that election!”

“Every day, every newspaper, New York Times, Washington Post, anonymous intelligence sources confirming that Trump colluded with Putin. There’s no evidence for it. Zilch, zero, nada!” he insisted.

“It didn’t happen! It was made up. Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia. Hillary Clinton rigged that election,” the radio talk show host argued, referring to the infamous Steele dossier, or opposition research provided by Russian operatives and funded Clinton which was used as a pretense to spy on the Trump campaign.

Hometown hero

Trump’s hyper-motivated supporters braved inclement weather, standing in line for hours to hear one of the president’s notoriously off-the-cuff campaign-style speeches. Limbaugh, who hails from Cape Girardeau and began his radio career there, was greeted with enthusiastic applause from nearly 8,000 fans who were packed into the Show Me Center multi-purpose arena.

“El Rushbo” — as Limbaugh is sometimes affectionately called — didn’t pull any punches during his brief but hard-hitting monologue. “The Democrats haven’t even accepted that they lost the election in 2016. That’s what this was all about,” Rush said, referring to twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s refusal to accept her defeat.

Democratic denial

In her blame-all biography, Clinton pointed a finger at an endless list of subjects and causes she deemed responsible for her loss. From former FBI Director James Comey to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and from stay-at-home mothers to white resentment, Clinton has been unwilling to accept the reality that many Americans simply found her off-putting and obnoxious.

The former first lady isn’t the only Democrat incapable of moving on, though. “Clinton campaign veterans are so consumed by Russian election interference, they’ve stubbornly papered over innumerable self-inflicted miscalculations and mistakes,” wrote David Catanese with U.S. News & World Report.

A powerful constituency

Addressing his fellow Missourians, Limbaugh concluded by pointing out the unparalleled enthusiasm among Trump supporters. “These rallies, I have to tell you, they are the envy of official Washington, you realize there isn’t a single elected official in either party who can do what this is tonight.” The audience roared their approval.

“Other than Donald Trump. There is nobody,” Rush said, “No one. And they are jealous. They are envious. This isn’t supposed to happen.”

Meanwhile, Limbaugh surmised, Joe Biden “can’t fill a phone booth” on the campaign trail.

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While the mainstream press wants to turn the election into a referendum on Trumpism, there is no doubt that Trump has a way of motivating his base that other conservatives can’t seem to muster. While the president can channel that support into increased turnout across the country, a Democratic takeover does not spell disaster in 2020.

On the contrary, with conservative heavy-hitters like Limbaugh at his side, Trump’s future is looking brighter than ever.

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