Rush Limbaugh says he believes prayer has helped in his cancer fight

Earlier this year, conservative legend Rush Limbaugh revealed that he was fighting late-stage lung cancer. Now, he’s giving listeners an update.

According to the Daily Wire, Limbaugh broke the news in a recent episode of his radio show that he believes his listeners’ prayers are helping him in his fight.

Daunting diagnosis

When Limbaugh first went public with his diagnosis, things appeared quite grim.

The only reason he informed his audience of the situation was that he believed his loyal followers deserved to know the truth and that they should hear it from him — but to hear him on-air that day, it was almost as though he was beginning to say goodbye.

The Rush Limbaugh who takes to the airwaves now seems to have a new lease on life, though he has been very candid about the struggles he has faced during his treatment process.

Bottom of the ninth

In a recent episode of his show, Limbaugh likened his fight to a baseball player being 0–2 with one last at-bat in the bottom of the ninth to make something happen.

“I managed to get on base. I hit a solid single and then stole second,” he said, according to the Daily Wire. “I am currently on second base hoping to slide into third and eventually make it all the way home. We’re in the bottom of the ninth. If I get all the way home, we get extra innings. And that’s what we’re shooting for here.”

Limbaugh is a man of faith, and he believes that has helped him recover. As the Daily Wire noted, he made a point of giving thanks to his loyal supporters for praying for him over the past several months.

“I believe prayer works,” he said. “I know it does. It is a blessing that in my third at-bat, the last shot that I had at this, I got on base and I stole second, and I’m chugging on to third, and I’m very confident that I’m going to score. I’m very confident that this is going to go into extra innings.”

Limbaugh was was very careful not to say that he has definitively turned a corner in his battle with cancer, because he knows how quickly everything can change, but he reported feeling stronger and more energetic than he expected to at this stage of treatment.

We can only hope that Limbaugh is on the right path and that his condition continues to improve.

Millions of Americans are praying for you, Rush!

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