Rush Limbaugh obliterates Jim Acosta on air

CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta traveled to McAllen, TX ahead of a planned visit to the city by President Donald Trump — but instead of undermining the president’s argument that a border wall is necessary, Acosta ended up proving just how effective walls are at stemming the flow of illicit cross-border traffic.

Acosta was widely mocked for a social media post that displayed how border walls actually work, and conservative talk radio king Rush Limbaugh couldn’t help but join in on the “hilarious” fun during his program on Thursday.

Limbaugh declared, “This is hilarious” as he posted to his “dittocam”: a picture of Acosta — who he has dubbed “the gnat” for his mildly annoying antics — at the border.

In addition to a brief video in which Acosta described the protected area behind the border wall as “tranquil,” Acosta tweeted on Thursday that he didn’t see “anything resembling a national emergency situation” at the border.

Making Trump’s case for him

“This clown does not realize that he is making the case for a wall!” Limbaugh said. “The reason that there aren’t any illegals and the reason there isn’t a crisis is because there’s a steel slat wall, and he’s standing right next to it!

“No one is there because there is a wall there,” Limbaugh continued. “They’re going elsewhere to cross the border because there’s a wall there. And there are people at the wall guarding it.

The radio host added: “But this clown thinks that he’s proving there’s no crisis by standing next to a wall and saying, ‘See? There’s nothing happening here. There’s no national emergency. No one’s here.’”

Not as smart as he thinks he is

Limbaugh went on to compare Acosta’s laughable tweet to the famously contradictory sayings of past baseball great Yogi Berra, saying:

This is kind of like Yogi Berra talking about the most popular restaurant in town. “Nobody goes there anymore, it’s too crowded.” What do you mean, nobody goes there, it’s too crowded? This is just priceless.

“Jim ‘the gnat’ Acosta. This is classic. He thinks he’s so much smarter than Trump,” Limbaugh continued.

“He’s so much smarter than anybody else and he’s standing there essentially making the case for a wall by pointing out there isn’t anybody at this wall and therefore there isn’t any national emergency. Translation: Trump’s so full of it and I’m down here very intelligently proving it,” he added.

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Rush Limbaugh definitely obliterated “the gnat” by showing Acosta he unwittingly helped make the case for Trump’s proposed wall instead of against it.

This just proves once again that CNN’s Acosta is simply not as smart as he thinks he is, and he shouldn’t be taken seriously by anybody.

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