Rush Limbaugh: Left is ‘scared out of their wits’ by Trump’s 4th of July plans

Rush Limbaugh always says it like it is. He’s been dropping truth bombs on the left since 1984, and he hasn’t stopped since. This week was no different, as controversy exploded over Donald Trump’s plans for his 4th of July celebration.

Limbaugh says the left is scared of the flag, and of patriotism. Limbaugh is probably right; it explains the left’s hatred for the flag. They’re deeply uncomfortable with the unifying force of patriotism.

Left is scared

The left is fearful and is lashing out at its opponents. It started with the Betsy Ross Nike sneaker being pulled from production. Since then Democrat candidates have attacked the original American flag. The narrative is now that our flag is racist.

Rush Limbaugh breaks the true fear behind this rhetoric.

Fox News reports:

“The flag makes people tend to think more like a Republican. It tends to make people support Republicans. It tends to inspire patriotic thoughts,” said Limbaugh, citing a Harvard study.

The left thrives on dividing people and pitting them against each other. Americans unified by patriotism can’t be manipulated by identity politics. Patriotism scares the left.

Trumps military parade

Almost every country has military parades. These events can both project power but also celebrate the nation. Trump understands this and is throwing a large parade in Washington for the Fourth of July.

This sent the left into hysterics.

The American Thinker reports:

President Trump is throwing an Independence Day celebration today to honor the United States. Predictably, the left lost its mind in response to the event and decried the celebration as emblematic of a totalitarian regime rather than American democracy.

One commentator weighed in by making an insane comparison.

Fox News reports:

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson slammed President Trump on Morning Joe Tuesday for wanting a Fourth of July military parade and compared the commander in chief to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

The left sees patriotism and tries to compare it to North Korea. They are scared of Americans being proud to be American.

Unfortunately for the American left, we will no longer apologize. We will no longer bow. We will celebrate this great nation that continues to make the world a better place.

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