Rush Limbaugh slams media hypocrisy in response to Hillary Clinton’s racist joke

Democrats’ hypocrisy was the familiar theme discussed during Rush Limbaugh’s radio program on Monday morning as the conservative host recalled Hillary Clinton’s latest jaw-dropping gaffe.

Limbaugh pointed to racially charged comments from the former secretary of State and noted that Clinton was given a free pass after she joked that black people “all look alike.”

A free pass

“Did you hear what happened to Hillary?” Limbaugh asked before sharing the embarrassing soundbite. “At the 92nd Street Y, Hillary Rodham Clinton was there being interviewed by [Kara] Swisher, who is a ‘tech blog journalist’ starting at the Wall Street Journal and is now part of the Vox or Axios empire. She works at something called Recode Decode, and Kara Swisher asks Mrs. Clinton about Senator Cory Booker [D-NJ].”

Limbaugh then played an audio clip for an audience.

Take a look for yourself:

Swisher was attempting to find out how Clinton felt about an Oct. 7 statement from Holder, who said of Republicans: “When they go low, we kick them. That’s what this new Democratic Party is about.” The former attorney general’s comments were a derivative of Michelle Obama’s parting White House speech, where she instructed Democrats to turn the other cheek to partisan infighting.

Not to be outdone, two days later, the twice-failed presidential nominee told CNN that “you cannot be civil with” the Republican Party because it “wants to destroy what you stand for, what you care about.”

Say whaaaat?

Playing the clip a second time for his audience, Limbaugh was dumbstruck.

“What? What? Whaaaat?” he said, at a rate and momentary loss for words.

“‘They all look alike,'” he mocked. “That’s Hillary Clinton trying to save Kara Swisher for confusing Spartacus with Eric Holder, and Mrs. Clinton says, ‘Well, yeah. I know they all look alike.’ Swisher: ‘No, they don’t! No, they don’t!’ The audience at the 92nd Street Y starts laughing like they heard the best joke they’ve heard in a long time.”

Limbaugh then said what was clearly on the minds of much of his listening audience.

“Now, you let anybody else up there be saying this stuff, and they are finished! I mean, it’s not even close. They are finished! If this was a Republican, male or female, they are finished,” Limbaugh remarked.

Foot-in-mouth disease

What Limbaugh didn’t say was that Clinton has been given free passes for making inappropriate and racially insensitive statements for decades. Where was the media backlash in 2004, when Clinton made a racially offensive joke about Indian pacifist-reformer Mahatma Gandhi running a gas station in St. Louis back?

While supporting her presidential husband’s 1996 crime bill, Clinton also referred to African-American gang members as “super-predators.” Two years earlier, when she was first introduced to the world during a national broadcast defending her husband’s extramarital indiscretions, Clinton insulted American housewives by saying she was not “some little woman standin’ by my man like Tammy Wynette.”

However, Americans don’t have to go back more than 20 years to hear Clinton make disparaging statements about her fellow citizens. During her 2017 blame-all tour, Clinton explained her loss by saying that white married women only voted against her because their husbands, sons, or bosses told them how to cast their votes. She also suggested that certain red states chose to vote for her opponent because they couldn’t stand the idea of empowering black people.

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Reflecting on Clinton’s latest faux pas, Limbaugh reminded his listeners that they may not have heard then end from the presidential contender.

“‘Everybody knows what she meant,'” he said, imitating Clinton defenders. “Yeah? What did she mean? What does it mean, ‘Well, yeah, they all look like alike’? ‘Ha-ha-ha-ha!’ Everybody starts laughing. The woman who thinks that she should have been president, the woman who thinks she’s gonna be president, the woman who can’t wait to run again in 2020.”

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