Rush Limbaugh slams Trump-Russia collusion advocates for dismissing Epstein conspiracy theories

For more than two years, Democrats tried to tell us Trump colluded with the Russians, which was a complete hoax.

Now, as Rush Limbaugh points out, they are the same people decrying legitimate concerns about the circumstances of Jeffery Epstein’s death. 

The Conspiracy Theories

To be honest, there were conspiracy theorists predicting Epstein’s death the moment he was taken into custody.

Everyone has known for years that Bill Clinton has ties to this man, and we all know how people who have dirt on the Clintons end up!

Most of those theories centered around Epstein killing himself or being attacked by another prisoner, which is basically what happened.

Right after being arrested, guards found Epstein injured in his cell. Early reports stated it was a botched suicide, but Epstein maintained he had been attacked.

Then, after a perfect storm of botched protocols, Epstein is reported to have committed suicide in his cell by hanging himself with bedsheets. Sheets, mind you, that are made from paper and purposely made so thin as to break under strain to prevent this exact scenario.

The Limbaugh Theory

Since people are spinning theories, Rush Limbaugh has one that really has sent liberals into a tizzy. Limbaugh thinks there is a chance Epstein is still alive.

He believes his suicide may have been staged, with Epstein being whisked off to another private island he purchased before his capture.

Epstein was rumored to be ready to name names, so is it possible his escape was facilitated by someone on his list to avoid being outed?

It’s not exactly out of the question. Come to think of it, has anyone seen any pictures of the dead body yet? And why hasn’t the coroner’s report been released?

If Epstein’s body ends up being cremated, Rush’s theory, as well as the other conspiracy theories, will continue to spin out of control.

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