Libyan military commander orders airstrike that kills 43 civilians

The senseless violence in the battle for power in Libya has just claimed more innocent lives.

Khalifa Haftar reportedly ordered an airstrike to take out a town meeting in Morzuq, a town in southern Libya.

Killing Citizens

Khalifa Haftar is proving to be one of the most violent leaders in modern times. For months now, Haftar has been ordering airstrikes in areas known to be populated by innocent civilians.

Some of the people killed have been collateral damage, while other attacks were meant to instill fear into the masses. He has conducted these airstrikes on the premise of removing his opposition from strongholds.

Many of these attacks have caused international outrage, as did the attack that just killed almost four dozen people.

Reports stated that the attack took place in the southern town of Morzuq. A group of residents gathered for a town meeting.

We can only assume Haftar considered both the people and the meeting a threat to his regime, so he brutally ended their lives.

Local officials stated that 43 people lost their lives in the attack.

More Horrific Attacks

As briefly stated above, this is par for the course for Haftar. A mere month has passed since the last attack of a similar nature took place.

Hafter had ordered a strike at a detention center in a small suburb of Tripoli. In that attack, it was reported that 40 people lost their life.

Over the past year, Haftar has killed more than 1,000 people.

As this has been happening, thousands of local residents have left the area in fear for their lives.

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