Libyan airport hit with another airstrike by pro-Haftar forces

For several months now, the violence in Libya has seen a considerable uptick, especially in the area in and around the city’s one functional airport.

This past weekend, yet another airstrike was conducted on behalf of Khalifa Haftar, which required air traffic to be suspended.

Fighting for Control

Currently, the airport is an area that is under control by Government of National Accord (GNA) forces.

The GNA, which is allied to Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarra, is the controlling party formally recognized by the U.N. It is in a massive battle with the Libyan National Army (LNA), which is loyal to Khalif Haftar.

While Libya has been in turmoil since Gaddafi’s ouster, the violence since April is has been far more significant.

Haftar has been relentlessly attacking GNA strongholds in an effort to claim control over the entire country.

Shameless Attacks

Killing innocents does not appear to be a problem for Haftar.

Just last week, another airstrike was conducted that claimed the lives of five doctors. The strike hit the airport road, which is just south of the city of Tripoli.

In addition to the five doctors, seven other people were killed.

In April, the airport had also been closed due to a nearby airstrike.

This attack was during the early days of the offense being mounted by the LNA and Haftar. Several months ago, the U.N. reported the conflict has resulted in the deaths of more than 200 people, with more than 900 injured.

Over the past four months, those numbers have increased significantly.

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