Libs freak out as Supreme Court dashes hopes of January 6th trial before November

 March 1, 2024

The Supreme Court may have given Donald Trump his biggest legal victory yet when it decided to take up his immunity case this week.

Just by agreeing to review the matter, the court has dramatically lowered the odds that Trump will face trial over January 6th before the 2024 election.

That's a tremendous blow to Democrats, who are emotionally invested in seeing Trump convicted over the "insurrection."

Trump's Supreme Court breakthrough

It's also outstanding news for Trump, whose best hope of avoiding a conviction in left-leaning D.C. is not to face trial at all.

Out of the four criminal cases Trump faces, the January 6th case in D.C. has the most potential to damage his presidential campaign.

The trial, scheduled originally to start March 4, is currently paused pending Trump's appeal, which was previously shot down by an appellate court in D.C.

Left-wing lawyers were confident that the appeals court decision was airtight, leaving the Supreme Court with no option but to decline Trump's appeal.

But it appears the court wants to confront the significant, and legally untested question of whether presidents have immunity from prosecution over official acts.

Trump has warned that, without such immunity, presidents would have to fear legal harassment once they leave office.

For Democrats, it's obvious that Trump is an "insurrectionist" - but the court doesn't see it that way, having already cast doubt on efforts to take him off the ballot.

Libs not taking it well...

The Supreme Court does not have to agree with Trump about immunity to hand him a win. A careful review of the questions at hand might be enough to delay the trial past the election.

If Trump wins the presidency, he could pardon himself, and the trial would never happen.

Top Democrats and liberal celebrities vented their frustration with the court's decision, with actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner calling the court "a cancerous threat to Democracy."

A separate case over the 2020 election in Georgia is on the brink of collapse as the prosecutor, Fani Willis, faces possible disqualification over conflicts of interest.

Trump is facing trial in New York this month, over hush money to Stormy Daniels.

The case, widely seen as the most frivolous Trump faces, now might be the only one to be decided before November.

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