Librarian sues when parents object to hypersexualized books

April 28, 2023
World Net Daily

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A librarian has sued several parents who complained about porn in the library, claiming they defamed her.

report at says the librarian at Roxbury High in Morris County, New Jersey, has filed the claim against several township residents.

The librarian, Roxana Russo Caivano, says in the lawsuit a public campaign against her was begun after an LGBTQ book was challenged by community members.

The dispute was over the "graphic novel," "Gender Queer: A Memoir," and other publications that members of the community have criticized as sexually explicit.

The book that explores "gender identity and sexuality," according to the report, had been cited as a problem, and Caivano was on a committee that decided it should stay in the library.

Now Caivano claims in her legal action against parents that she was labeled a "child predator" and was accused of "luring" children with porn.

The comments reportedly came in a forum for parents.

Parent Thomas Seritis equated the book, and others defended by Caivano, as "hard-core pornography…"

Caivano's husband filed the complaint on behalf of his wife and named Zeritis, Christina Scarbrough Balestriere, Kristen Cobo, and Katrina Albo as defendants.

Caivano's husband claims his wife was accused of "luring" children and that she had "endangered" them because of the offending books in the library.

The blog posting, SafeLibraries, run by publisher Dan Kleinman, claimed that the librarian was promoting the challenged books with an "enticing 'banned books' display."

The parents, represented by First Amendment lawyer Corinne Mullen, have asked the case be dismissed as frivolous.

"Parents should have the right to have a voice in whether their children should be exposed to sexualized content in the books chosen by public school employees," Mullen explained.

"This lawsuit inhibits open and robust debate on the issues as we as a nation must face on the appropriateness of content to which our children are exposed."

Lawsuits often are used to intimidate parents into not challenging school actions, such as in this case.

The fight over library content has become a common one across America, as parents, often because they were exposed to their schools' teaching materials and methods during COVID online classes, have started objecting to the hypersexualized books in many libraries, where they openly promote the LGBT ideology in violation of families' beliefs.

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