Graham says liberals would ‘jump out of buildings’ if Trump won Nobel Prize

October always brings chatter about the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize, a list to which Donald Trump hopes to one day have his name added.

Senator Lindsey Graham joked that “liberals all over the world will jump out of buildings” if Trump had won the prize.

The prize was announced on Oct. 5, and was given to Dr. Denis Mukwege, a Congolese gynecologist, and Nadia Murad, a Yazidi survivor of rape and captivity by ISIS.

Why Would Trump Should Have Won

The main reason Trump was even nominated was because of his work with North Korea thus far in the administration.

Graham himself stated if Trump is able to get North Korea to dump their nukes, he would absolutely deserve the award.

It would actually be quite ironic to see a man Democrats have labeled as divisive and confrontational to win the most notable prize in the world for furthering peace.

But Obama Won

The moment Trump’s name was put on the list, the inevitable comparisons to Obama started to arise.

While Democrats continue to tout that as one of Obama’s finest achievements, conservatives are still trying to figure out exactly why he was given the award.

Senator Graham offered some insight on that, offering up that Obama won the award simply for NOT being Bush.

In most circles, it is believed Obama won the award based on what the Nobel Peace Prize committee hoped he would do, not what he actually did.

It’s About Results

After giving his thoughts on the Nobel Peace Prize, Graham was also asked about Trump being liked.

Graham quickly called the reporter out, telling him this job is more about getting results than it is being liked.

And, when it came to getting things done for the American people, President Trump has in fact delivered.

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Most believe if we had a Democrat party that was willing to work with him instead of being obstructionists, the country would be much further along than it already is.

While Trump did not win the NPP in 2018, as Graham stated, if he continues to make progress with North Korea, there is a very good chance the award will be on his mantle in upcoming years.

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