Liberals fear Justice Clarence Thomas has turned the Supreme Court conservative – for good

When Donald Trump was campaigning for president, the Supreme Court was a high-priority issue for conservatives. With one seat hanging in the balance, conservatives wanted to be assured that the court would keep a right-leaning edge — and the president certainly delivered on that front.

Trump’s successes have left liberals fearful that the high court may never return to its once-liberal leanings, and now, with the longest-serving justice being none other than the dedicated conservative Clarence Thomas, liberals are shaking in their boots.

Terrifying Progressives

Justice Thomas is back in the limelight again due to the attention being paid to Joe Biden over his conduct during Thomas’ 1991 confirmation hearings, when Anita Hill put forward allegations of sexual harassment against the would-be justice.

Some of what happened during those hearings is still a point of contention for many women.

While liberals still bring up those allegations, though, what really troubles them is the fact Thomas is virtually always on the right of cases — and refuses to stray from his conservative view.

That has earned him the label of “far-right” in the eyes of liberals, who maintain that uber-liberal justices like Ruth Bader Ginsburg are fair and unbiased in comparison.

The Thomas Legacy

Meanwhile, Justice Thomas still has many years left to serve — if he so chooses — and historians on the liberal side are warning that the justice’s past is a window into where they believe he will take the Supreme Court in years to come.

Indeed, Thomas is now the longest-serving associate justice, something that, in the eyes of liberals, yields more power for the conservative cause. Elizabeth Wydra, president of the Constitutional Accountability Center, thinks the idea of Thomas’ opinions now holding more influence is “terrifying to many progressives.”

Ralph Rossum, who has previously authored a book on Thomas, agrees with Wydra.

“He stakes out a position more forthrightly or vigorously than other justices are willing to go, but they’re kind of sucked along in his wake,” Rossum said. “Thomas drags the court in his direction. They may not go as far as he goes, but they go further than they would have otherwise.”

Liberals love to attack minority conservatives, especially minority conservatives in a position of power.

But their “fear” of Thomas is nothing more than the late realization that Thomas won’t fall for the lies of the Democratic Party, and actually thinks for himself.

Isn’t that how things are supposed to be, anyway?

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