Liberals attack Ivanka Trump for attending G20 summit

The left will do anything to undermine President Donald Trump. They’ve taken it so far that they’re willing to go after members of his family in their quest to destroy him.

Ivanka Trump has fought through this travesty to do her job. Which only frustrates the enemies that attempt to shut her down. Ivanka, contrary to leftist thought, is doing a lot of good abroad. However, right now, she’s being targeted by liberals simply for attending the G-20 trade summit in Japan. 

G-20 summit

Ivanka Trump accompanied her father to the G20 summit. This makes sense as she works closely with the president as a senior advisor.

The left, however, has taken this as an opportunity to attack her personally. The Daily Wire reports:

Starting Sunday, leftists piled on to the “#UnwantedIvanka” meme, photoshopping the First Daughter into a handful of historical events, looking as awkward as possible.

These jokes mean nothing as Ivanka isn’t there to represent us — the president is doing that. She is just another aide, which all world leaders have by the dozens.

Ivanka Trump also was doing more significant work at the G-20 summit.

The Hill reports:

Ivanka Trump has attended the last two G-20 summits and said on Twitter that she was invited by Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to participate in the Women’s Empowerment event.

Ivanka’s good work

Ivanka and Donald Trump are helping millions while others do nothing but make snide remarks.

As former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted:

Phoning it in @AOC is wasting your time on Twitter while destroying jobs in NY. @realDonaldTrump & @IvankaTrump actually created millions of new jobs.

It’s easy to criticize others and do nothing. Ivanka is helping others.

NPR reports:

First daughter Ivanka Trump wants to help 50 million women around the world “realize their economic potential” by 2025.

Although leftists will do everything in their power to discredit her and her family, Ivanka Trump will hopefully ignore the naysayers and continue to work on making the world a better place.

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