Liberals are using rumors of Ruth Ginsburg’s death to attack Republican voters

Liberals are using the tactics of some far-right-wing conspiracy theory zealots to attack Republicans.

With more and more rumors of Justice Ginsburg having passed running rampant online, liberals insist this is being done by ALL conservatives.

Both Sides Have Extremes

When it comes to politics, there are always going to be extremists on the far side of that ideology. Conspiracy theorists have been around since there has been a written word.

The difference now, though, is social media has made it much easier for a story to go viral than it was even a decade ago.

RBG’s recent health problems have brought the conspiracy theorists out of the woodwork. It did not help matters that the only time RBG was out of her house recently was to attend an event where photographs were not able to be taken.

Ginsburg attended her daughter-in-law’s concert. Since there was no photographic proof she was there, some said it was a made-up story to ensure liberals did not lose their seat on the Supreme Court.

New Age of Accusations

Pre-Trump, these extreme rumors would have faded away in due time. Now, however, these theories are being touted as the belief of all conservatives.

Liberals need those undecided voters to believe all Trump supporters are some kind of psycho. Obviously, that is far from the truth.

We could, however, challenge liberals to play a round of their own blame game. Why is it that few major high-profile Democrats have come out to condemn the violent activities of groups like ANTIFA and BLM?

Why is it that conspiracy theories about Trump are embraced by the entire party?

While conservatives are quick to condemn neo-Nazis, why is it that Democrats embrace openly racist individuals like Louis Farrakhan and even seek his approval (see Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton meeting with Farrakhan during 2016 election)?

Yes, there are extremists on both sides, but only one party is truly embracing the extremist ideology, and it is not the Republican party.

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