Donald Trump Jr. calls liberalism ‘a disease’ after leftists attack classic holiday film

Donald Trump, Jr. has apparently had enough of liberal extremists.

After the Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer was called “seriously problematic” by a writer for the Huffington Post, Trump Jr. called liberalism “a disease.”

Way Too Far

Rudolph has always been portrayed as the story of a character overcoming obstacles to achieve great things.

It is meant to inspire children, and teaches that even when things look awful, you can achieve great things.

Liberals have decided to take the story the other way, though.

Social media has been blowing up this holiday season with discussion on all of the problems with Rudolph.

It has been described as a tale of “racism and homophobia.”

Others have said that it is a story of an unsupportive father and school bullies.

One person went so far as to say Santa’s HR department needs to conduct “inclusion training.”

They are actually calling for the banning of the holiday classic for the sake of political correctness.

Sunshine and Rainbows

These comments leave us to ask: Why is it that liberals are trying to do everything they can to keep reality out of the world?

Rudolph is — and always has been — told as a way to inspire children that may be going through difficult times.

Believe it or not, some children do have parents that are unsupportive.

Some children do have problems with schoolyard bullies.

However, maybe — just maybe — seeing Rudolph during Christmas will inspire them to get through all of that and do something good.

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As liberals would have it, we would just shield our children from every reality in life, give them trophies for just showing up, and allow them to go into adulthood completely unprepared for the realities of life.

But conservative fathers like Don Jr. aren’t raising their kids that way — and thank goodness.

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