Liberal WaPo fact-checkers torch Justice Sotomayor over false COVID statistics

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor, a die-hard liberal, proved that not even the most prestigious, honorable judges in the country can be trusted to tell the truth, as she rattled off a number of COVID-19-related lies during arguments last week over President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandates.

According to Fox News, the liberal justice was even torched by her own allies in the liberal mainstream media: The Washington Post gave her a “four Pinocchios” rating for her “absurdly” exaggerated claims regarding the number of children hospitalized with COVID-19. 

You know you’re in trouble as a liberal when the Post is forced to call out your asinine, narrative-driven lies.

WaPo, to its credit, not only did the right thing in this situation, but also added what everyone was probably thinking: “It’s important for Supreme Court justices to make rulings based on correct data,” the outlet wrote.

What did she say?

It was last Friday, during arguments over Biden’s vaccine mandates both for private businesses and for federal workers that Sotomayor spouted a grossly-inflated and outright false statistic regarding the number of children hospitalized with the virus.

“We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, many on ventilators,” Sotomayor said.

The newspaper was one of the countless entities that called her out, writing that Sotomayor’s statement was “wildly incorrect, assuming she is referring to hospitalizations, given the reference to ventilators.”

In addition, WaPo not only called her out but corrected her statement with factual data, adding that the real figure is around 5,000 children hospitalized “either with suspected COVID or a confirmed laboratory test and noted that the figure includes patients in observation beds,” as Fox News noted.

“So Sotomayor’s number is at least 20 times higher than reality, even before you determine how many are in ‘serious condition,’” the WaPo fact-checkers added.

It’s truly scary

Supreme Court justices of all political stripes are expected by the American public to leave politics out of important decisions and rulings, but even if they can’t do that, at the very least, they need to present factual, accurate data and base decisions off of the truth.

Sotomayor proved that she’s unable to do that, as it’s difficult to believe someone in her position, with numerous staffers and advisers, was simply uninformed or made a mistake. She was clearly parroting the liberal media’s fearmongering agenda with regard to COVID-19, but luckily she was called out.

One must raise questions about whether Sotomayor is even fit to hold such a high office if she’s willing to lie to an entire country to push a disgusting narrative.

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