Liberal outlets highlight uncorroborated rumors about Pence marriage

When the left isn’t attacking Vice President Mike Pence over his conservative beliefs or Christian faith, another of its favorite targets is his marriage to second lady Karen Pence, typically engaging in efforts to purposefully embarrass Pence or to drive a wedge between him and his wife.

Case in point are a couple of rumor-based articles from two decidedly left-leaning media outlets that cited a brief excerpt from a new book critical of the vice president which asserted that an attempt by Pence to kiss his wife on Election Night 2016 was rebuffed not once, but twice.

Media attacks Pence and his wife

Feminist website Jezebel “reported” on the snippet from a new book titled Piety & Power: Mike Pence and the Taking of the White House by author Tom LoBianco which purports to document Pence’s rise to political power.

The feminists at Jezebel seemed to take great delight in the supposed fact that Pence refers to the mother of his children as, “Mother,” (the horror!) and were no doubt thrilled to learn that Karen Pence supposedly “rules the roost” in terms of their family and relationship.

What really got them going, however, was the unsourced allegation that Pence had been twice rejected in an attempt to get a kiss from his wife in celebration of the 2016 electoral victory.

Kiss allegedly rejected

LoBianco wrote in his book: “Early in the morning of Wednesday, November 9, Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump and conceded. After Trump took the call, Mike Pence leaned in to kiss Karen, but she rebuffed him. ‘You got what you wanted, Mike. Leave me alone.'”

“Upstairs, at the Pence’s private suite — separate from the Trumps’ — he tried again for a victory kiss, and again she told him to back off,” he added.

Still, it is entirely unclear how LoBianco came to be aware of what would appear to be private moments involving the future vice president and second lady in the late hours following the conclusion of the 2016 election.

Spiteful smears

Left-leaning New York Magazine‘s “The Cut” also couldn’t help but pile on Pence over the rejected kiss rumor and even composed an absurd and insulting “nursery rhyme” to commemorate the alleged incident.

That outlet also shared the brief excerpt from LoBianco’s book that was completely bereft of any context or even an allusion to where or how the author came about acquiring this particular tidbit of information.

Of course, facts, context and sourcing don’t really matter to leftist hack “journalists” like those who write for New York Magazine, so on top of sharing the excerpt, the article also added in some extra insults toward Pence with regard to his marriage, most notably how he refuses to dine alone with any other woman besides his wife or how he stood and watched at an event when former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke danced with his wife.

This is the state of our disgusting national media these days — spitefully spreading gossip, rumor, and innuendo about political figures with whom they disagree solely for the purpose of embarrassing, smearing and even ruining their relationships with their own spouses and families.

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