Liberal pundit: Mitch McConnell ‘killed the Senate’

Liberal media outlets have been going after Donald Trump for most of his presidency — but the attacks are now starting to drift into other Republican camps.

Newsweek columnist Robert Reich wrote in an editorial on Monday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) has “killed the Senate.”

The Argument Against McConnell

According to Reich, McConnell has taken partisan politics to a new level as the House Majority Leader.

He even went so far as to call McConnell a “partisan lap dog.”

One of the main focuses of Reich’s argument is McConnell’s recent decision to reduce the debate time for judicial appointments from 30 minutes down to just 2.

Of course, McConnell only did this because Democrats were trying to block every judicial appointment made by Trump. (Not only that, but there are over 100 vacancies that need to be filled — and each confirmation takes time!)

Reich also attacked McConnell for blocking a significant number of Barack Obama appointees.

According to Reich, in the history of this country, only 68 presidential judicial nominees had been blocked leading up to 2009. In the years after that, nearly 79 of Obama’s nominees were blocked by Republicans, led by McConnell.

What Reich is Forgetting

On the surface, and only using the evidence presented by Reich, he makes a good case.

However, as usual, this liberal is only telling one side of the story.

Under Obama, the Democratic Party simply tried to change the way this country is run.

Obama repeatedly used executive orders to circumvent the legislative branch of the government to push through the Democrat agenda.

Now, under Trump, Democrats have refused to sit down and negotiate policy with the administration.

Every measure the Trump administration has backed has been outright blocked by Democrats in office.

Putting the blame on McConnell is simply ludicrous at this point, as Republicans have begged Democrats to come to the table in good faith to no avail.

This is nothing more than a partisan attack by the liberal media in an effort to end the career of Mitch McConnell. And sadly, things are only bound to get worse.

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