Liberal TV hosts attack Laura Ingraham for mocking shutdown ‘sob stories’

Liberal pundits on TV are once again dismissing the real news and trying to twist it to make conservatives look bad.

After Fox’s Laura Ingraham called out the media’s “sob stories” about the ongoing partial government shutdown, CNN’s Brian Stelter wasn’t having it: “Give me a break!”

Pure Propaganda

Last week, as networks like CNN and MSNBC were running “sob stories” about furloughed federal workers and government employees who are working without pay during the shutdown — stories were meant to tug at the heartstrings of Americans — Ingraham called all that “reporting” what it really is: pure propaganda.

The liberal media is trying to work the human angle on the government shutdown.

How many times have we already heard about the government workers who are missing paychecks?

Stelter insisted there are real-world ramifications from this shutdown, and everyone concedes that fact.

But that is not what these liberals are really worried about.

They surely were not worried about that when Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton had lengthy government shutdowns under their watches!

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Media Bias

Ingraham’s point was that the media is simply picking and choosing stories, much as they do about the immigration problem as a whole.

They will take one woman and her child in danger of deportation and make it appear to be the norm — but that is far from the case.

The liberal media wants the country to believe that one unfortunate case represents the entirety of the immigration problem, but they aren’t telling the real story.

Conservatives are not the heartless ogres that liberals are trying to make them out to be.

The fact is: something had to be done to get the attention of Democrats and bring them to the table.

If Democrats want to end this shutdown, all they need to do is come to bargain in good faith, not try to ram through their own agenda while manipulating the news cycle.

Do that, and this shutdown ends. Period.

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