Liberal college shamed into paying millions for its racist attack on innocent family

Oberlin College, a liberal institution in Ohio, has finally been shamed into paying out the $36.5 million it owed a local family, owners of a bakery, for its years-long defamatory attack on them.

The essence of the dispute was that Oberlin officials falsely claimed, over and over for years, that the owners of Gibson’s bakery, which is near the campus, were racist when they were not.

The false claims had been prompted when bakery owners caught three students trying to shoplift. The students are black. But all three pleaded guilty to various charges, which didn’t even slow down the school’s campaign against the bakery.

The U.K. Daily Mail has confirmed that the school “has finally paid out the full $36.5 million it owes to Gibson’s Bakery after it was found to have defamed the store.”

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The school had been ordered, years ago, to pay $25 million after jurors found it had defamed the bakery, but it fought on for years, and the additional penalty is the lawyers’ fees and interest it had to add to the judgment.

The fight had gone up to the Ohio Supreme Court, which refused to overturn the verdict.

“Finally on Thursday, the liberal arts college announced it ‘has initiated payment on full of the $36.59 million judgment,'” the report confirmed.

The school officials said they were “disappointed” in the result, and noted that “no further payments are required.”

Then they claimed to hope “that the end of the litigation will begin the healing of our entire community.”

The report explained, “Former Dean of Students and Vice President Meredith Raimondo stoked protests against Gibson’s Bakery following the shoplifting incident, even though the claims were found to be totally false. She has since been blamed for much of the behavior that has seen Oberlin ordered to pay $35 million for defamation, with Raimondo since moving to a college in Atlanta.”

The damages from the school’s campaign had been real, as school officials ordered their food provider to stop buying cookies, bagels, and other food from Gibson’s, and boycotts abounded.

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