LGBT extremists claim of children: 'Our kids!'

September 25, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Hillary Clinton long has advocated, like she explained in a book, that "It Takes a Village" to raise children. She insists on outside influences being given access to and authority over kids.

Now someone else is making the claim that they should be that influence.

It's the "Marxist LGBT radicals in Toronto."

A report at National File said that the extremists "claimed ownership of other people's children as they marched against parental rights and for the mass LGBT indoctrination of kids."

The report commented, "Canadians all over the country have poured into the streets to hold coordinated marches on behalf of the family unit and the rights of children and their parents, as they stand up against government-sponsored indoctrination into LGBTism which, like in America but to an even greater extent, has engulfed Canadian schools and the everyday lives of kids."

Marches for children have been occurring across the country, but politicians have "jumped into" the dispute on the side of radicals "who are openly campaigning to castrate other people’s children," the report charged.

In fact, Ottawa Mayor Mark Sutcliffe posted a new expanded version of the LGBT agenda, describing members as "2SLGBTQIA+," where the plus sign, the report said, "is widely known to provide a tip of the hat to pedophiles.'

“Please know that you are valued and are always welcome here,” wrote Sutcliffe.

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