Republican Kansas State Rep. Greg Lewis resigns amid brain cancer battle

A well-liked Republican state legislator in Kansas announced on Monday that he would be resigning from his position due to an ongoing battle with brain cancer.

Resigning to fight brain cancer

KWCH reported that Republican state Rep. Greg Lewis from St. John delivered the sad news to his colleagues in a speech on the House floor.

Lewis has served in the legislature since 2014, and his sudden resignation will leave the 113th District seat vacant for the time being.

Kansas House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins tweeted of his colleague, “Rep. Greg Lewis was diagnosed with a brain tumor shortly before the beginning of session. Today, he resigned from the Kansas House. Thank you for your service to the people of Kansas, Rep. Lewis. We’re praying for you and your family!”

Diagnosed with glioblastoma on Christmas

It was announced that Lewis’ resignation will be effective on Friday, at which point he will focus all of his attention and effort on dealing with a cancerous brain tumor.

Lewis delivered a heartfelt speech which quoted several pertinent Scriptures and centered on his fervent belief and trust in God.

The lawmaker shared how his brain cancer had been discovered on Christmas day after an incident of lightheadedness and instability that morning had resulted in a trip to a Kansas City hospital. What was initially thought to be a possible stroke was soon revealed by an MRI scan to be a large mass on the right side of his brain.

“The mass in my head turned out to be a glioblastoma, high grade level IV, which is a cancerous brain tumor that grows exponentially,” said Lewis. “But that is OK.  I know this tumor cannot defeat my God nor His plan of salvation for me and you. ”

He noted that he is already receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment to fight the cancer and that he has also undergone three craniotomies, surgical procedures in which small pieces of the skull are removed to gain access to the brain.

Parting words of wisdom

As parting advice to his colleagues and friends, Lewis suggested they take the time to enjoy their friends and their families and to never take themselves too seriously.

“Serve your District with a servant’s heart. This is the House of Representatives,” said Lewis. “This is not the house of self interest. This is not the house of special interest. This is the People’s House; long may it serve the People and this Great State of Kansas.”

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