Monica Lewinsky revisits painful moments as part of anti-bullying initiative

She was at the center of one of the most memorable presidential scandals in American history, and now former White House intern Monica Lewinsky is publicly recalling some of the most hurtful insults to which she has been subjected over the years.

Anti-bullying initiative launched

Lewinsky’s willingness to re-live what were likely the most damaging and embarrassing days of her life is all part of her anti-bullying campaign called #DefyTheName.

Asserting that the use of ugly and degrading names is among the most common types of bullying, Lewinsky believes that victims must not allow nasty monikers to define their self-worth or undermine their futures.

Attention-grabbing PSA

In support of her drive to combat what she calls the “culture of humiliation,” Lewinsky joined forces with advertising giant BBDO New York to create a public service announcement.

In the spot, she and numerous celebrities recite some of the most hurtful instances of name-calling and cyber-bullying they have personally endured.

According to Lewinsky, putting the spotlight back on some of these insults is not necessarily enjoyable, but she believes that “you’ve gotta walk the talk.”

Portly Pepperpot and other indignities

The slew of vulgarities hurled at Lewinsky from the moment she rose to notoriety is seemingly endless.

Her PSA vividly reminds us that they included taunts of “slut, bimbo, floozy, vixen, tramp,” in addition to having then-President Bill Clinton himself refer to her dismissively as “that woman” in front of the entire world.

Social media push

The #DefyTheName campaign has added another novel twist in hopes of boosting the visibility of its message.

Lewinsky has asked participants to temporarily change their online handles to reflect the cruel names they have been called in the past.

Not content to remain on the sidelines, Lewinsky took the lead in October, adjusting her social media biography to read: “Monica ‘Chunky Slut Unmarryable That Woman’ Lewinsky.”

Are you listening, President Clinton?

Though he defiantly maintained on NBC’s Today this summer that he does not owe Ms. Lewinsky an apology for his conduct back in the 90s, one wonders if President Clinton will feel any sense of remorse in the wake of his former conquest’s well-received public awareness campaign.

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