Monica Lewinsky autograph brings double the price of Bill Clinton’s

People can put whatever price tag they want on a collectible, but it is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay.

In the case of Bill Clinton, that is not much. In fact, it was just discovered that Monica Lewinsky’s autograph recently sold for twice as much as Clinton’s. 

People Losing Interest

It has become painfully evident to everyone but the Clintons that their day has come and gone.

There was a time when someone would have probably shelled out four or even five figures for the autograph of Bill Clinton on his book, but those days have clearly passed.

Recent auctions for autographed copies of both Monica Lewinsky’s and Bill Clinton’s books proved that point rather significantly.

The book with Monica’s autograph started at $50 but ended up selling for $275. Bill’s book barely made it over the minimum bid and sold for $125.

Sign of the Times

One of the reasons Lewinsky’s book may have sold for more is the fact her autograph is not as readily available as Bill Clinton’s.

The scarcity of it would automatically make it more valuable in this case. However, this would appear to be more related to the fact that few people seem to care about the Clintons these days.

Look at the lackluster interest of the recent Clinton speaking tour. Several appearances were canceled and the shows that did take place were sparsely attended.

Tickets with a face value of $275 were being sold the day of the event for less than $20!

The American people have seemingly finally realized both Bill and Hillary Clinton are nothing more than common miscreants that pulled off one of the greatest con jobs in history.

Now, with the Jeffrey Epstein scandal in the headlines, many people are realizing Bill Clinton is truly a lowlife. Once upon a time, it was a point of pride to own Clinton merchandise, but public opinion has significantly changed since then.

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