Monica Lewinsky admits Clinton’s secretary helped them arrange trysts

With mid-term elections right around the corner, it was only a matter of time before the attacks started to land on the Clintons.

This time, though, it is Monica Lewinsky landing the death blow, detailing how Bill Clinton’s personal secretary, Betty Currie, was often the one arranging the meetings.

In addition to exposing Currie, Lewinksy details the betrayal she felt from Linda Tripp, who had recorded their conversations about the affair.

November Bombshell

Every November, something comes out that shakes the political world.

This year, it will be “The Impeachment of Bill Clinton (working title),” a documentary scheduled to air on A&E beginning November 18.

The 3-part series takes a deep look into the Lewinsky scandal that almost got Bill Clinton tossed out of the White House.

Finally: Details

Americans have wanted to know the details of this affair for decades.

It is not the sordid sexual details, though, but rather exactly how a sitting president was able to sneak around for so long.

Monica Lewinsky has kept her cards fairly close to the vest to this point, but she apparently opens up and tells all for this investigative report.

A&E’s Executive VP and Head of Programming, Elaine Frontain Bryant, called it “a real-life political thriller.”

She further stated it was “the most in-depth and intimate account of how one of the biggest scandals in our nation’s history unfolded, forever changing the landscape of American politics.”

Clinton won’t be happy

Whenever the subject of Bill’s affair comes up, he loses it.

The anticipation for this show will no doubt take front and center during the mid-term election season.

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Rather than answering questions about candidates, Bill Clinton is going to get peppered with questions about the past, inspired by this documentary.

While we fully expect this show to be worth watching, the best entertainment still may be watching Clinton squirm in front of the cameras when asked about it.

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