Mark Levin gets into a heated discussion on Fox News, sides with Trump

Conservative radio host Mark Levin got into a heated discussion on Fox and Friends over whether President Donald Trump has done anything illegal.

The answer to that question was pretty clear to Levin and anyone who has knowledge of the law. But Levin shocked viewers by seeming to imply that Fox News is “taking sides” — and it’s not Trump’s favor.

It’s A Smokescreen

Former Vice President Joe Biden is the Democrats’ best hope to beat Trump. The other options would more likely than not meet the same fate of Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Democrats need to do everything they can to protect Biden if they hope to win the White House. And the whistleblower story is nothing but a smokescreen designed to protect Biden and damage Trump.

According to Breitbart, Mark Levin pointed out that Trump has violated no law, so there are no grounds for impeachment. Trump’s actions were not unethical. There was no coercion, merely an inquiry from one world leader to another.

That subject of that inquiry was Hunter Biden. But the media has been so busy demanding impeachment they didn’t bother to mention that the real corruption may have actually originated with the Bidens.

There is a sworn statement from a prosecutor in Ukraine saying he was fired for investigating potential corruption involving Hunter Biden. That is the topic raised by Trump in the now-controversial call. He even offered the cooperation of Attorney General William Barr to help Ukraine. There is nothing unethical or illegal in any of that.

Did Biden Do It?

What we should really be questioning is what role Joe Biden played in that drama. We have a sworn statement that a prosecutor was punished for going after Hunter Biden. Joe Biden is a powerful politician who surely had the influence to get his son off the hook.

Mark Levin was quick to question the media, asking: “Don’t they [the media] want to know if the leading contender for the Democrat nomination is a crook and if his son is a crook?”

The answer to that question is easy. The mainstream media is in league with the Democrats and have been so for years.

They have continually attacked the president in a bid to distract from the fact that the top Democrat candidate may be at the center of a huge scandal.

If Joe Biden got a prosecutor fired to protect his son, then Americans deserve to know that when they vote next November. If Joe Biden did nothing and the prosecutor was fired for other reasons, Americans still deserve to know. We won’t know either way until we stop talking about Trump and start asking the real questions.

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