Levin exposes mountain of evidence against Biden family, demands to know why Senate Republicans aren't pursuing impeachment

October 3, 2023
Ben Marquis

House Republicans have begun the process of a formal impeachment inquiry into allegations of potential criminal wrongdoing and international influence-peddling by President Joe Biden and members of his family, particularly his son Hunter Biden.

There have been virtually no similar efforts mounted against Biden by Senate Republicans, however, and conservative talk radio and Fox News host Mark Levin has demanded to know why that is the case, according to Breitbart.

His guest, best-selling author Peter Schweizer, agreed with Levin that it was a "national disgrace" that Senate Republicans have made no overt moves -- at least not yet -- to hold President Biden accountable despite the appearance of ample evidence that warrants investigation and even impeachment.

Levin lists off evidence of alleged Biden family wrongdoing

At the start of the segment on Sunday's episode of "Life, Liberty & Levin," the host spent the first several minutes running through a litany of evidence of alleged Biden family crimes and questionable activities uncovered by House Republican investigators and others over the past year or so.

That includes evidence of money wired directly from China that had President Biden's Wilmington, Delaware home address listed as the beneficiary, as well as the Biden Penn Center that briefly employed the former vice president prior to his presidency that was "heavily subsidized" by communist China.

Levin also took note of the various emails, text messages, documents, and other evidence obtained from Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop that implicate the president, as well as testimony from former business partners that show some level of the father's involvement in his son's dubious foreign business dealings.

There is also evidence that shows that Hunter's associates were often in contact with the then-VP's staff as well as that Hunter himself traveled aboard Air Force Two alongside Joe to visit foreign nations in which he already did or planned to do business, and highlighted the findings of the House Oversight Committee about more than 20 "shell companies" established by the Biden family through which tens of millions of foreign dollars flowed.

Levin further pointed to testimony and other documents released by the House Ways and Means Committee via a pair of IRS whistleblowers who allege that their investigation of Hunter was obstructed for political reasons, which has been further confirmed by an FBI whistleblower.

And, of course, he cited Hunter's lucrative board position with the corrupt Ukrainian energy firm Burisma and Joe Biden's infamous moment of publicly bragging about threatening to withhold financial aid from Ukraine unless or until a prosecutor investigating Burisma's corruption was fired and replaced, among other things.

"It is really a national disgrace"

Following his increasingly irate recitation of the mounting evidence of alleged wrongdoing and impeachable offenses, Levin observed that there were no apparent ongoing federal criminal investigations into any of it, in stark contrast to the multiple investigations and prosecutions wielded against former President Donald Trump for far less egregious alleged crimes.

After more than five minutes, Levin finally asked Schweizer, who'd nodded along in agreement to everything that had been said, "Why are there no efforts that I hear about in the United States Senate to encourage the impeachment -- or even the impeachment inquiry -- by the Republicans. The vast majority of Republicans in the Senate, including the leadership in the Senate, why are they so silent?"

"It is really a national disgrace," Schweizer replied. "There is so much evidence for what the Bidens have done. How they set up this influence scheme operation. This is essentially with the impeachment articles were set up for, the notion foreign powers are somehow steering or manipulating or controlling or influencing our president is precisely why you have an impeachment inquiry. And yet the U.S. Senate has been silent."

Schweizer points finger at Senate GOP Leader McConnell for inaction

"You have to look at Mitch McConnell who is the leader of the Republicans in the Senate," he continued. "He has been there for a long time. One of the reasons they do not want to have a conversation about Chinese influence in the United States, China buying off American politicians and currying favor with them, is because Mitch McConnell -- in my mind -- is number two on the list of American politicians who are compromised by China."

"Joe Biden is first, Mitch McConnell is a close second," Schweizer said. "Essentially the Chinese government set up Mitch McConnell’s family to reap huge amounts of money in the global shipping business. The Chinese government finances the construction of the shipping vessels. They build them up. They provide crews, they provide contracts."

"Mitch McConnell knows that if he were to step on the feet of Beijing in any way, anger them, they could destroy -- meaning the Chinese communist government -- could destroy the family business overnight," he added. "So Mitch McConnell -- out of self-preservation, not on the interests of the country -- wants this issue to go away."

Schweizer ultimately concluded that the nation faced a "very perilous situation" in that the usual institutions with the means to enact justice and accountability -- from the DOJ and court system to the Senate and the impeachment process -- were compromised by foreign powers and political interests and otherwise missing in action when they are most needed.

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