Mark Levin rips ‘reprobate’ Adam Schiff over coronavirus response investigation proposal

Conservative talk show host Mark Levin has gone from being a never-Trumper to one of the biggest advocates for the president in media.

After Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) smugly announced a commission to investigate President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response, Levin went off on him, stating, “He is a reprobate and he should stop giving aid and comfort to the enemy. First, it was Russia, now, it’s China.”

The Democrat response

In the early stages of the outbreak, Democrats were still trying to impeach Trump. The first congressional hearing was not conducted until late in the first week of February and the coronavirus was barely mentioned until February 25, when Trump initially went to Congress for funding.

At that point, they all had plenty to say, slamming Trump for taking to long to react and stating that he was not asking for enough money to deal with the crisis.

The reality, though, was at that time, Trump knew that once a national emergency was declared, which he did on March 13 — he had already declared a health emergency on January 31 — $50 billion would be released.

So, as usual, all the posturing and crying from Democrats was nothing more than political theater. Point being, Democrats contributed almost nothing to the coronavirus response besides throwing up roadblocks to decisive action at every point possible.

Schiff is at it again

As coronavirus took hold in China and began spilling over into the U.S., as stated above, the only thing Schiff was worried about was impeaching Trump. Now that the U.S. is in the throes of the deadly outbreak, Schiff is already making moves to launch an investigation into Trump’s handling of the crisis.

Levin blasted Schiff for not putting the priorities of this country first during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity” on Thursday.

He ripped Schiff’s plan, stating, “You know, with respect to the Democrats investigating the coronavirus, that would be like Jack the Ripper investigating the failures of the London police force. The fact is that Adam Schiff, who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was running an impeachment coup for months.”

“[Schiff] should have been on top of the China matter,” Levin noted. “He should have been on top of the virus matter. And so, I want to know what Adam Schiff knew and when he knew it, and when he started to hold hearings.”

“This guy is a disgrace. He is a reprobate and he should stop giving aid and comfort to the enemy. First, it was Russia, now, it’s China.” Watch:

Dems will do their best to blame both the coronavirus deaths and the economic fallout of the shutdown on Trump when all is said and done. Instead of holding the Chinese government accountable for foisting this pandemic on the rest of the world, Democrats are already on their way to yet another impeachment crusade.

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