Discrepancies in letters from Christine Blasey Ford undermine Kavanaugh allegations

Liberal California professor Christine Blasey Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct at a high school party some 36 years ago, allegations that finally became public in part because of a letter Ford sent to Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Ford also submitted herself to a polygraph test in August with regard to her allegations, prior to the story becoming public — but some of the details in the polygraph letter summarizing her test appear to be at odds with details included within the letter sent to Feinstein.

Contradictory information

National Review writer Charles C.W. Cook pointed out the discrepancy in a post to Twitter, comparing pictures of the dueling letters side by side:

The hand-written note submitted for the polygraph test would seem to indicate that there were at least six individuals at the party, a number which may or may not include Ford, based on the way it was written.

However, the typed letter to Feinstein submits that there were five people at the party, a number that specifically included Ford.

Other relevant information

A description of the number of attendees at the party is likely also included in the details of the notes taken by Ford’s therapist in 2012, which is reportedly when Ford first began to speak up about the alleged incident in 1982.

But Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel pointed out on Twitter that those rather relevant notes have not been provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee as evidence:

Those therapist notes could clear up the discrepancy of whether there were a total of five or six people at the party.

Alternatively, they could give a different number of attendees, which could either set everything straight or provide an opening for even more questions about Ford’s credibility.

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The varying number of attendees at the party in 1982 may seem like a minor detail, but it goes directly to the heart of Ford’s credibility with regard to the other details she has provided — particularly her certainty that Kavanaugh is the man who assaulted her — and raises concerns about just how certain any of the information she has provided really is.

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