Julia Letlow honors late husband by winning GOP House seat he won in the 2020 election

Julia Letlow, a Louisiana Republican and the wife of the late Congressman-elect Luke Letlow (R-LA), probably never expected to be on a ballot as of a few months ago. But after her husband — who had just won in Louisiana’s 5th District — died from COVID-19, she set out on a mission to win his seat in the U.S. House.

According to The Hill, as of Saturday night, Letlow accomplished that mission, winning the special election with a staggering 64.5% of support and besting a long list of Republicans vying for the seat. Thanks to her easy win, Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives now have an even slimmer majority hold.

“Incredible moment”

Upon winning the seat, which gives House Republicans a valuable extra vote, Letlow released a statement in which she expressed gratitude to the voters who threw their support behind her.

“What was born out of the terrible tragedy of losing my husband, Luke, has become my mission in his honor to carry the torch and serve the good people of Louisiana’s 5th District. I am humbled that you would entrust me with the honor of your vote and the privilege to serve you in Congress. A simple thank you doesn’t fully encapsulate the depth of my gratitude,” Letlow said.

The new congresswoman-elected added that the election victory “is an incredible moment and it is truly hard to put into words.”

Letlow credited part of her win to the fact that her husband’s campaign team was already in place, giving her a massive head-start. She was also no stranger to the campaign trail, having traveled with her husband across the district and state in the run-up to the 2020 election.

As an added bonus and equally as impressive as her victory, Letlow became the first woman from the state of Louisiana to be elected to the House.

The golden ticket

Letlow also received a considerable boost earlier this year when former President Donald Trump heaped high praise on her ambition to run, telling his supporters in Louisiana at the time that she was the perfect candidate, given her matching positions with the former president on a range of issues.

“Julia Letlow is outstanding and so necessary to help save our Second Amendment, at the Border, and for our Military and Vets. Louisiana, get out and vote today—she will never disappoint!” Trump wrote in a statement.

Additionally, Letlow was offered a warm welcome and congratulatory message from National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chair Tom Emmer.

“Congratulations to Julia Letlow on her victory. Julia has overcome tremendous adversity and is an inspiration to all of us. Julia will be a powerful, conservative voice for the people of Louisiana and I look forward to working with her in Congress,” Emmer said, according to The Hill.

Aside from honoring her late husband by picking up where he was tragically forced to leave off, Letlow’s conservative principles — combined with her very obvious ambition and winning attitude — will undoubtedly be an asset for Republican voters in Louisiana and for her new GOP colleagues in Washington.

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