Less than 10 percent believe Biden is doing ‘very’ well on economy, leading nation overall

There is no denying that nearly all of the major polls have shown a consistent decline in President Joe Biden’s approval rating since he first took office last year, but those polls don’t always reveal just how few Americans actually fully support and are pleased with the job that Biden has been doing.

One recent poll, however, revealed that only 7 percent of Americans believe the nation overall is faring “very well” under Biden’s leadership, and only 9 percent believe the national economy is doing “very good” under Biden’s guidance, Breitbart reported.

In comparison, that same poll showed that 33% of Americans thought the nation overall was faring “very badly” and 31% rated the status of the national economy right now as “very bad.”

Biden performing poorly

Those figures came from a CBS News/YouGov poll that surveyed 2,062 U.S. adults between April 5-8 with a 2.8% margin of error, and that wasn’t the only bad news for President Biden.

The poll also revealed that Biden had the approval of 42% of Americans but was viewed with disapproval by 58%. Of those two categories, only 19% “strongly approve” of Biden’s job performance while 39% “strongly disapprove” of Biden thus far.

Things looked even worse for the president in terms of his handling of the major issues Americans are facing, as Biden was deep underwater on virtually all of them outside of the COVID pandemic, including crime, the economy, inflation, and immigration.

Relatedly, roughly three-quarters of those polled said the economy and inflation should be the highest priority of the Biden administration, with inflated costs for goods and services, high gas prices, and product shortages being denoted by sizeable majorities as the driving forces negatively impacting the economy.

Other polls tell a similar tale

CBS News noted that President Biden’s 42% approval rating was the lowest that figure had been for that particular poll since Biden first took office in 2021, and it looks to be in line with the other major polls that make up the RealClearPolitics national average, which currently has a -11.4% negative spread for Biden with 41.3% approval and 52.7% disapproval.

Likewise, the RCP average of polls on the “direction of the country,” which would be equivalent to the CBS/YouGov question on the overall state of the nation currently, shows that only 27.8% believe the country is headed in the “right direction” while 64.8% say it is on the “wrong track.”

Point is, that President Biden is struggling greatly in the role to which he was elected and that has become quite obvious to a majority of the American people.

Making matters even worse for him and Democrats in an important election year is the fact that none of the issues dragging them down right now show any signs of improvement in the near future.

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