Rudy Giuliani’s coronavirus diagnosis prompts Arizona legislature to stop work

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani has tested positive for coronavirus — and now, the Arizona state legislature is shutting down over it. According to The Hill, both chambers of the state legislature have opted to suspend operations after Giuliani testified for hours in front of lawmakers ahead of his diagnosis.

Giuliani has been in Arizona campaigning to get the state’s election results overturned after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden was declared the winner of the state. Arizona was carried in 2016 by Trump, and losing it this time around cost the president dearly.

Now, with the news that Giuliani has contracted the coronavirus, not only has the Arizona legislature been shut down, but Giuliani’s case may also be hindered.

Blow for Trump’s case

Trump has been relying on Giuliani to carry out his legal case in key swing states in a bid to get the election overturned.

Now, Giuliani has been hospitalized and is being treated for a virus that poses a serious threat to the 76-year-old former mayor of New York City. Despite his age, Giuliani tweeted Sunday, “I’m getting great care and feeling good. Recovering quickly and keeping up with everything.”

While it is good to hear that Giuliani is faring well, his hospitalization is devastating for the important work that he has been doing. Following his positive test, the Arizona legislature announced all meetings this week would be canceled until everyone can be cleared of the virus, The Hill noted.

The fallout from Giuliani being diagnosed with the coronavirus isn’t just limited to Arizona. Giuliani has also been very busy in Georgia and in Pennsylvania, where he has alleged significant irregularities with the election. Pennsylvania is a particularly important target for Trump’s legal team, as the state expanded vote-by-mail laws without first amending the state’s constitution.

Giuliani will be out of commission for at least the next week in a fight where every passing day cuts Trump’s already slim odds of winning his legal battles.

They may get away with it

If it is true that Democrats stole the presidential election, then it is looking increasingly like we will never know the truth.

The power of the media and the unwillingness of the Republican Party to stand with the president may have doomed any real investigation into the election.

Dominion Voting Systems may never face any real scrutiny, and the polling workers who told observers in Georgia to go home for the night while continuing to count may never have to testify.

Bigger than all of that, however, is the possibility that this election cycle will permanently damage the trust that the American public has in our election process. This will have grave consequences for the future of the nation and without remedy may further divide us.

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