Legislators in Texas continue push to ban critical race theory in schools

Republican lawmakers are looking to keep the so-called “critical race theory” out of classrooms in the Lone Star State.

Breitbart reports that a bill that would essentially ban Texas teachers from preaching critical race theory to their students is currently making its way through the state legislature.

A question of curriculum

The details of the bill, known as H.B. No. 3979, were recently broken down by The Texan, which reported that the measure would make adjustments to “the state curriculum, classroom education, and training for teachers and other employees.”

The bill, which passed a state House committee this week, takes particular aim at ideas like “action civics,” where students are encouraged to get involved in activism in their communities, as well as “overly political curriculums,” The Texan notes.

Of course, it also cries foul on what the outlet describes as “a strain of sociological thought which organizes racism through structural rather than interpersonal terms…commonly called ‘critical race theory.'”

As The Texan puts it, the theory “defines racism not only as race-based hatred or discrimination but also as a prevalent and systemic problem that influences seemingly impartial aspects of American life as evidenced by gaps in achievement — such as school grades, arrests, or income — between some racial groups and others.”

The new bill would also ensure students are educated about “the fundamental moral, political, and intellectual foundations of the American experiment in self-government,” The Texan reports.

A look ahead

According to Breitbart, a version of the bill has passed in the state Senate and is awaiting a vote in the Texas House.

It was first introduced in late March, according to Fox News.

In the meantime, Texas Democrats are pushing legislation that seems to do the exact opposite of what this measure seeks to do in terms of curriculum. Democrat state Sen. Judith Zaffirini has proposed a measure, known as S.B. 1740, that promotes so-called action civics.

Zaffirini’s bill “would have students participate in simulations of government processes and identify proper media sources, according to The Texan.

These are all hotly contested bills, and rightly so: nothing is more important for America’s future than the education of our children. We can only hope lawmakers in the Lone Star State make the right decision.

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