Legendary high school football coach Herman Boone dead at 84

There are few real-life high school football coaches whose names are known throughout the country.

Herman Boone is one of them but sadly, he just passed away at the age of 84.

Remember the Titans

The coaching exploits of Herman Boone made famous in the movie, “Remember the Titans.” Portrayed by Denzel Washington in the film, Boone was a no-nonsense coach tasked with an almost impossible job.

In the midst of an effort to end segregation, Boone took over a high school program at T.C. Williams High School, playing both white and black students at the same time.

Considering most of, if not all, the schools they were playing against were all white teams at the time, this task was made even more difficult.

Boone did not have room for a single mistake, as the school board was looking for any reason to remove him and replace him with a white coach.

Amazingly, Boone was able to bring everyone together and have a very successful season that culminated in winning the state championship.

Toughness catches up

Boone described himself as a “tough cuss,” something that would eventually cost him his career.

In 1978, Boone would coach his last team at T.C. Williams. According to reports, players accused Boone of both “verbal and physical abuse.”

Even with those accusations, though, there was widespread support for Boone’s family when word of his death traveled.

Both T.C. Williams boosters and the Alexandria City Public Schools offered their solemn thoughts about Boone via Twitter.

Rest in peace, Coach Boone.

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